Friday, April 17, 2015

I went in wanting Pho but I ended up having a Benh Mi

I’ve been past this Le Vietnamese several times and I always thought it looked really cool as well as the whole colonial thing always fascinates me. Apparently it is now ok to include colonial influences.

Anyway, I arrive slightly ahead of the lunch rush and was recommended the Premium Banh Mi (naturally with Chilli) and a Flat White.

They both came out quickly and Benh was wonderful. It was super fresh and had plenty of filling while being easy to eat. Since it tasted so good, I consider it a steal at $8. It is available as a take away option and perfect to buy on the way to work to eat at your desk.

The coffee wasn’t bad but I wish I had ordered the coffee Vietnamese style just for something different. They have other smaller things which looked really nice.

The décor is super cool and the food is well presented. The staff are great and work well under pressure.

My tip is to try and come before or after the lunch rush so you can eat in peace because this place gets busy.

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